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Why shared office space might just kick-start your business

As many of you will know, starting a business is one of the hardest things to undertake. From creating your product or service, dealing with suppliers, and establishing a cash flow there are pitfalls and challenges at every turn.

In those early days it’s common for budding entrepreneurs to turn the kitchen table or local coffee shop into their personal work space, and for good reason. A dedicated office can be expensive and the typical lease agreement and commitment that goes with it, can make it out of reach for many.

However as more people take on the task of setting up their own business, owners of office space are beginning to offer viable options to early stage businesses, including ‘co-working space’.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, co-working space is the practice of leasing out the same office space to many, usually small or start-up businesses.

Whilst it might seem like a strange concept there are also a myriad of very good reasons why it might just be the perfect solution.

Whether you’re a company with empty space or someone looking for a desk to work from or a business address to gain credibility, co-working when set-up properly can be a rewarding scenario for many business people, especially if the businesses can support one another by providing services that they have previously had to out-source. But that’s just one reason, here are some more:

First class facilities at a fraction of the cost:

Of course, the main advantage to co-working office arrangements is cost reduction. With many businesses occupying the same space, the natural spreading of the overhead means you have access to high quality space at a much-reduced rate than if you were renting on a standalone basis. Added to that is the flexible lease agreements that are typically on offer for co-working arrangements and the cost advantages are plain to see.


Networking Opportunity:

It goes without saying that if you are in a co-working environment with like-minded people then you’re going to open yourself and your business up to more opportunities. Rubbing shoulders with the best and brightest in your local area can be no bad thing and co-working spaces are usually awash with prospective clients and suppliers for your business. Not only that, but because your fellow co-workers will be thinking the same thing, you can pitch your business safe in the knowledge that you’ll be speaking to like-minded individuals.


Quay Life:


At Waterloo Quay, we recognise the courage it takes to start your own business and the effort it takes to make it a success. That’s why we’ve created our own co-working offer in the shape of Quay Life, designed to give entrepreneurs, freelancers, and early stage business all the perks of being located in a great business community at affordable prices.

If you are interested in finding out more about Quay Life, then please get in touch with us today to find out more.

Tel: 01224 565000

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